Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Zarelli - Falling Light

Zarelli - Falling Light from Mark Warrington on Vimeo.

A song taken from the album, Zarelli - Soft Rains (feat. the voice of Leonard Nimoy)

Zarelli has taken the 1975 vocal recording of Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury’s unsettling but vital short story, There Will Come Soft Rains (taken from The Martian Chronicles, 1950), and amped up the sensations with an original composed soundtrack that is (like the story) beautiful, fiery, tragic and tense. This animation brings to life one of the tracks from the album about an automated house which keeps on living long after human civilisation has been wiped out by devastating nuclear war. We see the lasting impressions of human technology living on in the dead landscape.

The animation depicts a moment of tranquility as the garden sprinklers switch on like clockwork and fill the garden with falling light. The animation took around 3 weeks to make in After Effects also involving trips out into Salford to take photos of the the old decaying factories and crumbling bricks and then composing them around the modernist house. Leonard Nimoy unfortunately passed away on the 27th of February which was just days after I finished making this animation so it also stands as a small tribute to him.

Client: Seriés Aphōnos
Music: Carwyn Ellis (Zarelli/Colorama)
Direction & Animation: Mark Warrington

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