Thursday, 18 August 2016

Smith & Mudd - Gorthleck LP Artwork

Gorthleck LP Artwork
Acrylic on Wood 92cm x 53cm
Mark Warrington 2016 ©

Here's a piece i've painted for `Smith and Mudd's new LP on Claremont 56.
This beautiful album was written by them up in an old house in 'Gorthleck'
which situated is up on Loch Mhor way up in the Scottish highlands.

Mudd gave me some photos from their trip which helped me get a feel for
the environment in which the music was created. These photos are also
printed across the inside of the gatefold. I took elements from the photos,
such as the Birches and old moss-covered walls and arranged them in a
deliberate, rhythmical composition.