Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Paqua #2

Paqua EP #2 12" Sleeve Artwork:
Acrylic and Ink on Wood 40.9cm x 40.9cm

This is a painting I've done for the 2nd Paqua EP which is coming out on Claremont 56 and in the shops very soon. This time the Paqua tree is submerged in the depths of a tropical coral reef; unfortunately i've never been to a tropical reef but i've snorkelled around the north coast of Ibiza and it was one of the most amazing experiences i've had, gliding round the rocks and weird plants, seeing the sun rays punch through the surface and shimmer on all the oddities that lie beneath. It all feels totally out of this world and my perfect subject to visualise in paint. I'm just starting the Paqua album artwork back on dry land so there will be three (at least) 3 paintings in the series. It's great to lend my hand to these really strong musical collaborations between Bing Ji Ling, Paul "Mudd" Murphy & Alex Searle. Fathoms Deep. 

• Paul Alex Quinn United Artists •

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