Friday, 13 July 2012

Eine 'Oranges'

I've just finished making this promo film for Ben Eine. It's to coincide with his new 19 colour screen print which will be release on Monday the 16th July. I shot it in one sunny June weekend around Bow, Poplar, Mare st and Hackney Wick. When I got to Balfron Tower in Poplar some kids had bust open the fire hydrants and I took the opportunity to film using the water and the sun. The print is available from this Monday, He's also done a massive wall at the Lowry Gallery in Salford, Manchester which looks amazing.


Andrew TC said...

Great film that Mark. I'm going to call in and see Eine's piece at the Lowery. Gutted to have missed the sale of his artwork though. Only just seen it on your site. Let us know if he's selling anymore.

Cheers TC

Ben said...

very impressive. i was hoping it would last longer.