Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Album Artwork for forthcoming Mountaineer LP on Claremont 56.

Acrylic stain & emulsion on oak 60 x 32 cm


el jeffe said...

this is ace mark!! this and the last months posts have been really varied :) great stuff.. will that sleeve be limited like the last release of pauls??

Mark Warrington said...

Thanks Jeffe! I think this is for a CD only release next year but a 12" is coming with Idjuts mixes too.

Only the right hand side of the painting will be used on the front cover. I think they're all pretty limited, hand numbered etc, thats why I like working with Paul, he puts the effort into the physical artwork, which is important in this age of digital downloads eh? He's got a few more for me in the future wich is ace!

Thanks again for looking :)

Mark Warrington said...
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