Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lazer Ghost Cat

Black Ink, Pin Pricks & coloured Light. (297mm x 210mm) I'm working on an
animation using LGC and friends with the pin prick back lit technique.


Antonin said...

this is flashy ! really nice light effect.
And I love the colours and the shapes of the "celps"

Mark Warrington said...

It was a happy accident, thanks.

el jeffe said...

love to see this moving mark.
how? what with?
do animation with the kids at my school.. early days but they have some fairly wacky ideas :)

Mark Warrington said...

Hi Jeffe, I work in animation here...

I wish I'd been taught at school.
nice work! I'd be interested to see what they do, you can't beat kids imagination.

I was planning on animating the patterns on my screen and then scrolling a large "pin prick' image over the top while shooting 6 frames per sec on my DSLR, it's more of a stop motion approach. I've already done a test and it looks pretty nice. Thanks for the encouragement.